Basic Syntax

This website uses kramdown as the basic syntax. However, a lot of html/css/js has been applied to generate some certain contents or styles.

Math also follows the kramdown syntax.

Notes div

<div class="notes--info" markdown="1">
Some notes here, with markdown support

<div class="notes--success" markdown="1">
This is success text

<div class="notes--warning" markdown="1">
This is warning text

<div class="notes--error" markdown="1">
This is error text

Please beware that with markdown="1" the content and div tags have to be on different lines.

Figure with Caption

<figure markdown="1">

Please determine the path of the image according to the path of the post itself. Otherwise, an absolute path can be specified,


where is the configured url of the site.

Table of Contents

* ToC

is used to generate table of contents.